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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our fees are among the lowest in the US, 70% lower than top law firms offering comparable quality.

We offer Essential service trademark application packages starting as low as $499 + applicable taxes and USPTO fees.

You can find out more about our fees on our Pricing page.

Because our fees are already among the lowest in the US, 70% lower than other firms, we cannot offer payment plans or deferred payment. Our quick turnaround also does not support payment plans or deferred payments. All of the legal work for your application is completed within 5 to 7 business days.

We will be able to estimate your USPTO filing fees after we prepare your draft trademark application. USPTO filing fees are calculated based on the number of classes of products and/or services your application covers.

USPTO filing fees are not charged per application but per ‘class’ of products or services. Products and services in a trademark application are categorized into 45 different classes. So, if you file a trademark application for ‘running shoes’ (Class 25) and ‘computer software development’ (Class 42), you would have to pay government filing fees for two classes.

The fees on our website are inclusive other than sales tax and USPTO filing fees, as these can vary.

If you wish to stop the application process before filing with the USPTO, you will still receive an expertly drafted application that you can then carry forward with your new trademark. We can also counsel you on choosing a trademark to avoid conflicts.

In most cases, the fees we provide on our website represent the complete, transparent picture of fees, from filing to registration, other than the USPTO filing fees and sales tax. However, our essentials service does not include responses to substantive refusals. If the USPTO issues an office action that requires more than a few minor changes, essentials service clients will need to pay an extra fee. On rare occasions, trademark applications are opposed by third parties. If an opposition is filed against your application, you will need to obtain a trademark attorney to respond to it. Heirlume does not provide these services but we are happy to provide referrals to US attorneys who can assist you.

The USPTO filing fee for a trademark application is $250 per class of products or services.

The ultimate decision about your trademark application is made by the USPTO. For that reason, we cannot provide a money-back guarantee. We can, however, guarantee expertise – and our expertise almost always results in success. When it comes to trademark registration, 100% money-back guarantees are a marketing gimmick.

The final decision about US trademark registration is made by the USPTO, about 12 to 14 months into the process. For that reason, if the USPTO has refused your application, we cannot provide a refund.

Our flat fee for preparing and filing a substantive response is $850 plus tax.

A full-service law firm typically charges by the hour with a single trademark application running up to $4,000 or more. We offer the same (or better) expertise for comparable services, but at an average ‘budget’ price point of 70% cheaper.

For our Light Touch service, we are able to minimize legal fees by helping you only with the hard part of your trademark application and letting you handle the rest.

No. Renewal of your trademark registration is not included in our fees.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service prior to completing work on your trademark application, we will issue you a full refund.