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Your business is your legacy. Protect it with a trademark.

Easy, lawyer-assisted trademark registration starting at $599.

Top legal minds + AI technology
Heirlume makes the complex process of trademarking fast, accurate, and affordable.

We had several brand names and logos that needed to be registered both in Canada and the US. Heirlume worked for our tight budget, and we've developed a great partnership!

Dwayne Washington
CEO/Founder, Nike Uplay Canada

In the fashion industry, trademarks are EVERYTHING. With trademarks, you become a brand, and brands drive marketability. So protecting your trademarks is really about protecting your sales. I refer Inland's designers to Heirlume because they value they offer can't be beat.

Sarah Power

As a tech startup, we wanted an innovative, modern firm handling our trademarks. With Heirlume, I could do everything by phone and email - so easy. Every question was answered, and the process was explained in detail. Lawyers don't usually do that!

Ann Poochareon
Co-Founder, Little Robot Friends

We celebrate our staff in so many ways, and our trademarks encourage this positive image. People see our quirky logo and know who we are and what we do, all by that funny little foot! We knew it was important to register it.

Victoria Sicilia
Fund Development Manager, Good Foot

The Heirlume team helped us to register our SMARTfx trademarks in both Canada and the US. They made the process very easy and affordable, and we are so relieved that our brand is fully protected! Now we can focus on growing our business.

Harry Govind

Keep more money where it counts.

When your business is growing, you don’t want to be spending money on hefty lawyer fees. With packages starting as low as $599, protecting your investment is as affordable as it's ever been.

High Quality

As good as it gets.

Unlike the competition, our advisors are experienced lawyers who care about your success, and offer a deep understanding of trademark law. Applications from Heirlume are as good as any Bay Street law firm.

very fast

Done in minutes – not hours or days.

Our AI self-service tool allows you to draft a trademark application of professional quality in just minutes, so you have more time for what matters. This option gives you the highest success rate at the lowest price point.

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Trademark 101

Navigating the world of trademarks can be tricky. So we’re breaking down everything you need to know about how trademarks work, and how you can get one.

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Take a Crazy Idea and Turn it into Reality

how to

Take a Crazy Idea and Turn it into Reality

how to

Take a Crazy Idea and Turn it into Reality

how to

Take a Crazy Idea and Turn it into Reality

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