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Who we are

Expert intellectual property lawyers and CIPO/USPTO registered trademark agents reimagining the way trademark services are delivered.

Julie MacDonell, BFA LLB LLM

Co-founder, CEO, Registered Trademark Agent
With over 12 years of trademark prosecution experience, Julie is a sought-after senior-level IP lawyer. She is currently the most quoted trademark expert in Canada (media appearances include the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, CBC, Global TV, Flare Magazine, CTV, and Newstalk1010.)

Dave MacDonell

Co-founder, Senior Trademark Expert
Dave is a trademark expert with over 10 years of experience advising clients in all industries, but with a specialization in technology. He has supported some of North America’s top brands through all stages of the trademark life cycle.

Sarah Ruest, BSc

Co-founder, CTO
Sarah is a data engineer with 18 years of experience in startups (MindbridgeAI) and federal government. As Chief Technology Officer, she oversees the formulation, architecture, and implementation of Heirlume’s technology initiatives.

Don Simmonds, BCL LLB

Senior Associate, Trademark Expert
Don is a senior-level associate lawyer and trademark expert. Don has extensive international legal experience in intellectual property (IP) and has helped clients register their trademarks and copyrights in many jurisdictions worldwide, including Canada, the US, the EU, and China.

Ryan Kaiser, BSc JD

Of counsel, US Trademark Attorney, Registered Trademark Agent
With nearly 15 years of experience as an intellectual property (IP) attorney, Ryan delivers prompt, practical, and actionable IP solutions to clients in all industries. Ryan has managed trademark portfolios of some of the world’s most well-known consumer brands.


Manager, Legal Operations, Trademark Expert
BoluTIFE is a Nigerian-trained lawyer with deep expertise in international trademark prosecution. In addition to managing Heirlume’s legal team and extensive network of lawyers, she provides specialized counsel in respect of WIPO trademark matters.
Tami Tomlinson, BA JD MBA
Senior Trademark Expert
Tami brings over fifteen years of trademark prosecution experience covering the US, Canada and internationally. Her experience includes, US Federal intellectual property litigation, trademark prosecution, Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) disputes, domain name disputes.
Enid Goldberg
Senior Trademark Paralegal
Enid brings over a decade of senior experience in the trademark field. Enid handles all stages of trademark prosecution, from clearance searches to registration renewals, all with absolute precision.
Alana Ennis
Certified Trademark Administrator
Alana provides administrative support to our lawyers and trademark agents. Alana is among the first Certified Canadian Trademark Administrators, having scored in the top tenth percentile on the qualifying exam of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada’s Trademark Administrator Program.
Our Mission

To provide affordable, high-quality business services that give entrepreneurs the confidence to focus on what matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you guarantee success?

While we cannot guarantee success, we can guarantee expertise – and our expertise almost always results in success. The reality is, the ultimate decision about your Canadian trademark application is made by the CIPO.

How high is your success rate?

We have handled thousands of applications and our success rate is very high.

My business and brand mean a lot to me; how can I be sure that I can trust you?

Because we are backed by a law firm, you can rest assured that we are licensed, registered practitioners. We are members of the International Trademark Association (INTA) and verified by the Canadian and US Trademark Offices. See our ‘About Us’ page for more information.

The application seems straightforward; can’t I just file it myself?

While you can file a trademark application without expert help, the reality is that over 80% of self-filed trademark applications fail to protect or fail completely. Even the most minor mistake can result in refusal or extensive delays. A properly filed application is crucial to successful trademark registration. The CIPO does not recommend self-filing and nor do we.  

Why do I need help to file a trademark application?

Filing a trademark application can be a costly and complicated process, especially if your application is rejected or challenged. A professionally crafted and filed application can mean the difference between sailing through examination and receiving objections that can delay registration and increase your costs. When you hire us to help, you can count on getting the job done right.

How experienced are your people compared to a regular law firm?

In large law firms, trademark applications are handled by junior lawyers and ‘supervised’ by senior lawyers. Our philosophy is different: no juniors, only senior-level agents, and lawyers who’ve either worked at top-tier law firms or as in-house counsel for large corporations.  

Will I be working with a lawyer?

Yes. You will be working with a senior-level agent or lawyer with top-tier law firm or in-house corporation experience. When it comes to successful trademark registration, experience is everything.

Are you a law firm?

Yes, we are a full-service law firm. With Heirlume, you’ll have actual lawyers guide you through the entire trademark application process.

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