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We believe all entrepreneurs deserve access to valuable legal services.

At Heirlume, you have options.

Building your new business takes a lot of time, money, and energy. The trademark application process is costly and complicated, especially if your application is rejected or challenged.

You can opt to have our legal experts take care of your entire application, or standing by for guidance while you take the lead.

We combine the latest technology with extensive legal knowledge.

We are the first self-serve online trademark search and registration service that is backed by actual, experienced lawyers. Our search tool runs a thorough test that’s more reliable and more detailed than your standard government website search. You’ll be shown results in simple visuals, and an easy to understand opinion of registrability.

This intelligent tool is available to try free, and helps make trademarking faster, easier, and more affordable.

We’re here to support, when and if you need it.

With Heirlume, you’ve got a trusted partner who truly cares about you, your business, and your success. Our team consists of expert intellectual property lawyers and CIPO registered trademark agents who are reimagining the way trademark services are delivered.

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Our priority is to provide entrepreneurs with accessible, affordable, and trustworthy trademarking services. This leaves you with more time, and more savings to focus and invest in growing a business. We believe that valuable and authentic legal services should be available to businesses of all sizes, at all stages, and bringing that to life is our commitment.

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