Light Touch Packages

You take the lead. We'll help with the hard parts.

What you get with this package.

Part I – Drafting & filing your application

Step 1

We run a trademark search.

You get a comprehensive trademark clearance report.
You get a phone consultation to discuss likelihood of success and success strategies, plus you get our registrability opinion.
You do not get a lawyer-drafted legal opinion letter summarizing the report.
Step 2

We set up your CIPO account.

Step 3

We fill out your application.

Step 4

We add your design file.

Step 5

We describe & classify your products/services.

Step 6

We review your application with you.

You get name protection.
You get logo protection.
You do not get tagline protection.
Step 7

You submit your application to CIPO (with our help).

We'll guide you over the phone as you complete the submission process.

Part II – After your application is filed

Step 8

CIPO will create an application number.

Step 9

CIPO will conduct a trademark search.

Step 10

CIPO will examine your application.

If any issues arise, you will have to draft a response and file it yourself.
Step 11

CIPO will approve your application for publication.

Step 12

CIPO will conduct a pre-publication search.

If any issues arise you will have to draft a response and file it yourself.
Step 13

CIPO will advertise your application.

If someone opposes your application, negotiation is not included in this package. We offer negotiation services on an hourly-rate basis.
Step 14

CIPO will register your trademark.

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