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Trademark 101

Everything you need to know about trademarks and the application process.

Top trademark questions

If my application is refused, do I get my money back?

The final decision about Canadian trademark registration is made by the CIPO, about 18 to 24 months into the process. For that reason, if the CIPO has refused your application, we cannot provide a refund.

How will I know what my government filing fees amount to?

We will be able to estimate your government filing fees after we prepare your draft trademark application. Government filing fees are calculated based on the number of classes of products and/or services your application covers.

How do your fees compare to law firm fees?

A full-service law firm typically charges by the hour with a single trademark application running up to $4,000 (CAD) or more. We offer the same (or better) expertise for comparable services, but at an average ‘budget’ price point of 70% cheaper.

Do you offer payment plans or deferred payment?

Because our fees are already among the lowest in North America, 70% lower than other firms, we cannot offer payment plans or deferred payment. Our quick turnaround also does not support payment plans or deferred payments. All of the legal work for your application is completed within 5 to 7 business days.

Why choose us?

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