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Heirlume has helped Amazon sellers, skincare brands, game developers, toy manufacturers, clothing designers, local restaurants, and craft brewers benefit from the security of trademark protection.

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Understanding trademarks & how they protect your brand

Name, logo, tagline—what’s the difference?

Name Trademark

The company name “Apple” is its own trademark.

Name Trademark

The company name, “Coca-Cola” is different from the logo trademark.

Logo Trademark

Coca-Cola has their Brand name stylized as a design trademark, with no other symbols or pictures.

Name Trademark

The company name, “Nike” is trademarked and is different from the logo trademark.

Logo Trademark

Nike uses its name and a symbol, which is another trademark.

Tagline Trademark

The famous “Just Do It” tagline is their third trademark.

What sets Heirlume apart

Law FirmBudget ServicesHEIRLUME
Instant deep-dive search
AI compliance check
Drag & drop filing
Optional expert assistance
Real government examiners
First trademark cost$2000.00$169.00$599.00
Additional trademark cost$2000.00$169.00$200.00
Time to fileWeeksDaysMinutes
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Buy now, pay later

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We know how hard financing your new business can be — it’s why we’ve partnered with Clearco to help secure your business trademarks with Heirlume. Our Buy Now, Pay Later option allows you to purchase your trademarks today at 0% financing for 6 months.

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When the opportunity arose for us to do a cross-promotion with Nike, we were thrilled! We used Heirlume to get our brand names and logos registered quickly in both Canada and the US so that we could build a great partnership while feeling protected.

Dwayne Washington

CEO/Founder Nike Uplay Canada

We used Heirlume to register our trademarks to meet retailer requirements and access Amazon’s Brand Registry. The process was simple and now, we have opened up new channels to accelerate our growth.

Harry Govind


Before we spent $150K on branding and product development, we wanted to ensure our trademarks were registered. Heirlume made the process easy and now we have total peace of mind knowing we’re fully protected.

Ann Poochareon

Co-Founder Little Robot Friends

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Register your first trademark today for as low as $599.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How experienced are your people compared to law firms?

In large law firms, trademark applications are too often handled by junior attorneys and ‘supervised’ by senior attorneys. Our philosophy is different: no juniors, only senior-level experts who’ve worked as trademark examiners with the government office (CIPO).

Do you offer payment plans or deferred payment?

In addition to being able to pay directly on the Heirlume website we now offer the option to Buy Now, Pay Later. This feature allows you to take advantage of our trademark services today and pay at a later date. Select “Buy Now, Pay Later” at checkout.

How do you offer such low rates?

We are able to minimize legal fees by utilizing our industry leading AI compliance check technology and offering assistance with the hard parts of your application while letting you handle the rest.

My business and brand mean a lot to me; how can I be sure I can trust you?

Our Heirlume AI compliance check technology offers unparalleled accuracy by reducing the human error common with manual lawyer processes. Heirlume delivers the highest quality trademark registration available on the market — better than even the best lawyers. Our experts are all licensed, registered practitioners. Heirlume is a member of the International Trademark Association (INTA), adherent to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) standards.

Trademarking seems straightforward; can’t I just do it on my own?

While you can file a trademark application without expert help, the reality is that over 80% of self-filed trademark applications fail to protect or fail completely. Even the most minor mistake can result in refusal or extensive delays. A properly filed application is crucial to successful trademark registration. The CIPO does not recommend self-filing and nor do we.

Do you guarantee success?

While we cannot guarantee success, we can guarantee expertise – and our expertise almost always results in success. The reality is, the ultimate decision about your trademark application is made by the CIPO.

I registered my website domain. That means I already own my name, right?

Wrong. Simply registering a domain name does not make it a trademark. The domain name is still subject to infringement under trademark law. Under law, domains are ‘borrowed.’ This means that if there were a domain dispute, the owner of the associated trademark rights will gain a transfer of the domain.

Does my business need to be incorporated to file a trademark?

No. Any individual, organization, business, trade union or association may apply to register their mark. If you initially file under your personal name and later wish to change the owner to be your corporation, a simple request made to the CIPO is all that is required.

How do I find out if my trademark is available?

To be certain that your trademark is available (and to avoid potential conflicts), a pre-filing search should be conducted in each country where registration is desired to locate any existing trademarks that are similar to yours and used for similar products and/or services. Any search other than a full comprehensive trademark search (proper lawyer search) is risky.

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